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Improving the efficiency of holding on the basis of integration of external competencies


S.O. Belyaev – Head of Laboratory оf Open Innovation and Industrial Technology, JSC «Concern «Avtomatika». E-mail: E.A. Buzova – Deputy Commander of Department, JSC «Concern «Avtomatika». E-mail:

Staffing issues are the most sensitive today to research companies that are part of the large industrial holdings. These issues demand-driven research and development companies for highly qualified specialists in the narrow specialties are not always large compared with the possibilities of commercial structures of their salaries. Labour market sector of special communications and encryption equipment, as well as any industry related to the development and manufacture of high technology equipment, which is experiencing a constant shortage of personnel, allows to realize and get the desired result, working in private institutions, banks, telecommunications companies and others. At the same time, the specific requirements of historical customers, imposing a large number of restrictions, including those associated with registration forms for admission to state secret, without adequate financial compensation, make job offers uninteresting for consideration talented and promising specialists in industrialized cities, especially in Moscow. Simultaneously in the regions may show the established team of specialists narrow industry is experiencing dissatisfaction with the lack of work, or otherwise looking no better use. The difficulty and complexity of the problems to be solved by «Сoncern», require the participation of experts in various fields, often at the crossroads of science, with different skills. We are in this case can only go to the team – a fairly well-organized group of people, that is the «team». Buying teams (lift out), or more precisely, the inclusion of the final regional team of specialists of the Concern as a geographically sepa-rate division, we have repeatedly been used mainly with a positive result. This procedure is one of the elements of open innovation. A situation, in which the team becomes a subject of consideration for the merger and purchase, is associated with several factors. First of all, should form a promising guaranteed volume of work, the implementation of which will highlight acceptable amount of funds for the maintenance of the new team. An essential condition is also a presence in the leadership of the group of at least one leader who is interested in the project acquisition. Currently, «Сoncern» gathered isolated geographically separated units in the cities of Ryazan, Samara, Ufa and Taganrog. All the team has acquired a set of competencies that are not available in the «Сoncern». For the «Сoncern» Automation» inclusion of and work with geographically remote distinct groups (teams) was a good experience that allowed to overcome the difficulties related primarily to the lack of staff due to the peculiarities of the tasks. The obvious advantages of this approach leads to the conclusion that the direction of the integration of new teams will continue.


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