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Investigation of the near-field generated by a low-profile antenna mounted on the dielectric roof of the car


I.A. Gerasimov – Post-graduate Student, Leading Design Engineer, JSC «Concern «Avtomatika». E-mail: M.A. Minkin – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Main Research Scientist, JSC «Concern «Avtomatika». E-mail:

This article examines a study of near field emitted by a low-profile antenna mounted on the dielectric roof of the car. The results of calculations based on the geometry of the base when installed on dielectric roof. Also presented the comparative analysis of the results when installing the antenna on a metal roof. Performed capabilities assessment of electromagnetic security. Low profile antennas installed on the roofs of vehicles in recent years are increasingly being used to staff the subscriber stations of mobile radio systems and radio, both professional and public use. Notwithstanding the compact dimensions and the associated relatively high Q quality low profile individual radiating elements, such antennas provide quite acceptable performance, including sufficient broadbandness and satisfactory shape of the radiation pattern in the azimuth and elevation planes. At the same time, no less important feature of the mobile unit antenna is an electromagnetic safety factor for a user and other persons in the vehicle. In the automotive industry is now actively solve problems for the possibility of using light, but at the same time durable materials for the manufacture of car bodies. These materials are dielectrics. Apparently, the people inside of the vehicle, subjected to a strong influence of the near field as compared with in vehicles with conventional metal body. The aim is to analyze the nature of changes in the field of low-profile antennas with different calculation conditions in different parts of the lower half, and to assess the possibility of safe operation of the installation of antennas on the dielectric roof of the car. Analysis of characteristics produced in the working band transmission mode. As the antenna power supply used power source with an internal resistance of 50 ohms and give 10 watts. The area calculation was modeled in some simplified form and represents the lower part of the car, built from the planes to the characteristics of the ideal metal conductor and raised on this design, the appropriate level of the roof antenna. Variable parameter is the antenna mount. Studies have shown that the additional plating antenna mount to reduce the field strength in the passenger compartment. However, at typical power levels of the transmitter subscriber intensity irradiation and other persons in the vehicle, it is unacceptably high, so that the measures should be imposed «control time», which is quite difficult in terms of organization, and in some cases impossible. Thus, it can be stated the urgent need for new technical solutions of low profile antennas subscriber stations of mobile radio commu-nication, the construction of which initially will significantly reduced the level of the electromagnetic field in the lower half, and, as a consequence, facilitate the provision of electromagnetic safety of persons in the car, on the roof of which (including – dielectric) mounted antenna.


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