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The use of singular integral equations for the analysis of microstrip antennas on chiral structure of left-handed helices


A.M. Nescheret – Leading Engineer, JSC «Concern «Avtomatika». E-mail:

In the real paper the method of the electrodynamic analysis of the microstrip antennas located on chiral structure (substrate) is offered. The chiral structure, in this case, represents set of chaotically focused carrying-out inclusions of a mirror and asymmetric form, namely the helices which are evenly placed in the uniform dielectric container. In an analytical look expressions for elements of matrixes of the superficial admittances and impedances of limit of the section «di-electric-a chiral layer on the basis of left-handed helices» allowing to connect intensity of an electric and magnetic field with current density on a surface of the microstrip antenna are received. It is shown that numerical values of elements of matrixes of superficial impedances for the chiral substrates of the executed from left- and right-handed helices have essential distinctions. The singular integrated equation with Cauchy\\\'s feature of rather area density of current which numerical decision is a correct mathe-matical task is received. On the found distribution of current to surfaces of the microstrip antenna it is possible to find correctly its spatial, polarizing, impedance and other characteristics.


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May 29, 2020

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