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Downloading and debugging program for rad-hard RISC-microcontroller


I.A. Surazhevskiy – Engineer, JSC «Concern «Avtomatika». E-mail:

The article deals with the optimization of the software development process for rad-hard 1887VE6T microcontroller. Due to the features encountered in microcontroller development, software development process is limited by some frames: there is no JTAG debugger. Debugging code is made with a logic analyzer, by testing signals on the controller\'s legs; the lack of alternative external memory microcontroller programming. Work only with the programmer: you need to constantly swap memory chip, which is inconvenient and eventually lead to its failure. It is also not possible to record a program in the finished device, wherein all the chips are soldered to the PCB. Due to these shortcomings, it was decided to develop a software module that allows to carry out loading and debugging code in program memory directly from your PC via the serial port. To create a program loader has been proposed algorithm works with a computer and workstation, which includes: USB-UART adapter; 1887VE6T microcontroller; memory chip bootloader - the program is stored on the receiving and writing into the memory code; chip program memory - the memory that will be will be stored as a program for the further implementation of; personal computer with a terminal program. Also discussed are some simple debugging functions - reading general purpose registers and random memory areas.


  1. Ustrojjstvo maketno-otladochnoe dlja mikrokontrollerov 1887VE6T. Rukovodstvo po ehkspluatacii. KFDL.441461.007 REH.
  2. Mikrokontroller 1887VE6T. Tekhnicheskoe opisanie. KFDL.431295.046 TO.


June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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