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Development of automated dentistry oriented tool storage system


N.N. Letov Student, Bauman Moscow State Technical University; Technician, Moscow Factory of Specialized Vehicles (MZSA). E-mail: E.E. Kuzmenko Student, Bauman Moscow State Technical University. E-mail: A.O. Nenashev Assistant, Leading Engineer, Department of Robotics and Complex Automation, Bauman Moscow State Technical University. E-mail: S.S. Gavryushin Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Head of Department Robotics and Automation, Bauman Moscow State Technical University. E-mail:

D.O.T.S.-system (Dentistry Oriented Tool Storage) represents itself as storage of tools fixed in individual cells and placed under ultraviolet light. Device allows providing user with tool chosen in control panel and check presence of tools and their remaining amount. During the development of technical specification of automated system necessary requirements has been shown: safety, ergonomics and technical aesthetics, exploitation, etc. The process of development was divided into the following stages according to requirements: Choosing optimal system dimensions and forms of constructive elements; choosing electric motor; analysis of bevel gear train; development of sketch project; strength analysis of the system; choosing PLC and a driver; choosing a power source for driver and controller; choosing display element of user options; development of control program. During the development, the following conclusions were made: minimal area of 18 m2 is required for dental office to place the device near doctor’s chair without breaking sanitary standards; step motor is required because of easier setting of coordinates, which determine the position of a cell; the bevel gear train is required to ensure rotation of perpendicular axes and greater compactness; an assumption was made that the construction has to be rigidly attached to the floor during the strength analysis; a power source with a power of 350 W is required for the driver, and 48 W is for PLC; a control touch panel is the most convenient to use as a display element; a control program has to ensure simultaneous operation of both motors without returning into starting point. Corrections to the system were made according to the obtained conclusions. The following changes are planned for future: «Teaching» the automated system with voice commands and completely reorient it for voice control instead an HMI panel; creation a physical model of the system, which would show the main control aspects; making possible corrections in control program after testing of physical model; making a complete assemble of original; commissioning of automated storage.


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