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Target-interceptor assignment in aerial battle


V.I. Merkulov - Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Honored Science Worker of RF, Deputy Designer General, “Radio Engineering Corporation “Vega” JSC (Moscow). E-mail: A.S. Plyashechnik - Ph.D. (Eng.), Leading Scientist, “Radio Engineering Corporation “Vega” JSC (Moscow). E-mail:

The distinct feature of modern aerial battle is participation of large groups of aircrafts for both attacker and defender side. Thus the problem of choosing targets becomes quite important. Without help of automated target assignment system a flight control officer cannot handle large amount of involved objects and quickly changing battle conditions due to fast dynamics of modern aircrafts. The proposed method is based on using a simple quality function for a single pair of interceptor and target based on interception time and integral value of control signal. The search of minimum is conducted over interception trajectories of a certain type. Due to its simplicity this problem can be reduced to numerical solving of polynomial equations for every pair of interceptor and target. After that we use well-known algorithm to find an assignment that minimizes sum of quality functions. In the end not only we get the best assignment but also expected interception trajectories and values of the control signal as well. Limitation of interceptors’ speed and acceleration is also taken into account. The algorithm is applicable in a wide range of interception conditions and can be combined with different guiding algorithms.


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