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The nonlinearity of the space-time distribution of aviation accidents forestalling by strong earthquakes in the years 2006-2015


Y.K. Kalinin - Dr.Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Chief Research Scientist, FSBI «IPG». Е-mail: E.N. Khotenko - Ph.D (Phys.-Math.), ученый секретарь, FSBI «IPG». Е-mail:

Nonlinear characteristics of spatial-temporal categories of incidents in civil aviation were considered in a number of papers. It was found that we can distinguish about 125 cases out of the totality of incidents (accidents and disasters) that have occurred during the period 19871994, which was preceded by the no more than seven days catastrophic earthquake. A similar analysis was conducted in the last decade 20062015, referring only to disasters. Of the 40 plane crashes during this period in no more than 7 days the 13 cases were preceded by the strong and catastrophic earthquakes with a magnitude of 6


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