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Conceptual scheme of factorization parameters of the subject area telecontrol complex dynamic objects


A.V. Loban – Ph. D. (Eng.), Senior Research Scientist, JSC «Russian Space Systems» (Moscow). E-mail:

In the article the conceptual scheme of factorization parameters telecontrol, allowing a description of the controlled subsystems of an object with different levels of detail using abstract, least limited structure. Prerequisite for this is ensuring strict semantic correspondence between the operated objects and physical processes telecontrol data entry experience in a scientific knowledge system. Proven Lemma about multi-level factorization confirming the validity of the selection of a domain model telecontrol feedback with the goal of integrating the generalized parameters between levels of processing regardless of the type of the parameter\'s attributes, as well as the sustainability of multi-level processing of telemetry due to the mutual coordination of procedures for manipulating data at the stage of preparation of source data for processing and analysis of information. An approach to the synthesis of algorithms of multi-level telecontrol technology complex dynamic object, considering the factorization are examined as a whole system, where the decomposition into components with desired characteristics does not restrict the aggregation of common data processing algorithm by using equivalence relations and tolerance between sets of telemetry to achieve the best sustainability performance of the target application. In the stratified structure of the modeling problem areas telecontrol of an object is proposed for the first level processing circuit of the two factorizations: the equivalence relation between sets of parameters (operational algorithms of the classification) and relative tolerance (box algorithms for the analysis of telemetry). Moreover, the second circuit useful in terms of the impact on the flow of telemetry destabilizing factors to make the overall aggregated algorithm telecontrol robust object properties. The advantage of this approach is that a common difficult task telecontrol is broken down (decomposition) into a set of universal procedures for manipulating data, which are logically combined (synthesis) information technology factoring in the total aggregate algorithm, operable as an object-oriented set of procedures of information processing.


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