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BGA-models software module development in the ASONIKA system database


D.B. Solovev – Ph. D. (Eng.), Senior Research Scientist, Rocket and Space Corporation «Energia» (Korolyov). E-mail: A.S. Shalumov – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Leading Research Scientist, Department of Information Technologies, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (Vladimir branch); General Director of «ASONIKA» Scientific-Research Institute (Kovrov). E-mail:,

The article discusses the developed software module for creating BGA models in the database of the system ASONIKA and methods of using the obtained BGA models in the thermal and mechanical simulation subsystem for printed circuit boards – ASONIKA-TM. First of all, it should be noted manufacturability for BGAs, as they allow you to optimally place a given number of conclusions in a limited area with maintaining sufficient clearance between the terminals. All the conclusions are on the same plane with the lower side of the body, so their length is shorter than that of the chip having other designs. This leads to a decrease spurious radiation and, therefore, has a positive impact on signal integrity in electronic product. During reflow of BGA components are actually floating and automatically centered by the surface tension of the molten solder. BGA today has best price/density of interconnections ratio by a set of characteristics. Lately when designing a PCB, the developers often use BGA chips. As a rule, after designing, the modeling on thermal and mechanical effects is carried out. Thus, today the actual problem is thermal and mechanical modeling of PCB with BGA packages mounted on it. The models from the library of electro radio means (database) are used usually for their visualization. Therefore, the mechanism for the modeling of BGA packages in electronic means database which data is used to build the model of the PCB with the elements is necessary. So it was made a decision to develop a software module for creating models of BGA packages and the mechanism of its interaction with the database of the system ASONIKA.


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