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Using of Kalman filter for tracking of radio emission sources in the air based radio monitoring system


B.V. Belik – Post-graduate Student, Research Scientist, JSC «Corporation «Vega» (Moscow). E-mail: S.G. Belov – Ph. D. (Eng.), Deputy Head of Department, JSC «Corporation «Vega» (Moscow). E-mail:

Automatic target tracking in scanning mode is one of the basic modes of functioning of modern and advanced side-looking airborne radars with elements of artificial intellect. This mode allows to continuous getting of information of coordinates and motion variables of target. Simultaneously with radar technology electronic warfare is being improved, new noise jams are being developed, noise jammer abilities are intensively expanding. Because of it providing proper functioning airborne radars during automatic target tracking in scanning mode under the conditions of noise jamming is one of the most important tasks. One of the most efficient methods of improvement of electronic counter-countermeasure characteristics is applying passive radar. Radio monitoring systems specificity is that there is no possibility for directly measuring of radio emission source (RES). In this conditions for identification of state coordinates of the RES methods of its indirect estimation based on angle measurements are used. In the article the potential for use of algorithm of Kalman filtering for purposes of tracking of immobile and mobile RES’s tracking on the basis of angle measurements is observed.


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