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mHealth technologies improvement with using of AFE based integrated devices


O.V. Tcvetkov - Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Department of Biotechnical Systems, Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University «LETI» E-mail: Yu. O. Bobrova - Post-graduate Student, Department of Biotechnical Systems, Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University «LETI» E-mail:

One of the most promising areas to achieve this goal is the development and active use of mobile telemedicine physiological pa-rameter monitoring systems. They have important role in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with different diseases. The term m-health (mobile Health) includes telemedicine, providing carrying out diagnostic and therapeutic measures and control over conditions of the patient through the use of mobile and wireless devices. However, the broader perspective of the create mobile diagnostic systems have a number of significant drawbacks. Information about the state of human health is strictly confidential. Cloud data storage technology is currently the most reliable and convenient way to store the information received, but they do not provide an adequate level of data protection. At the moment, there are no documents regulating the processing and storage of medical data to the cloud, as well as the organization of the certification process applications. The problem of low informative value of mHealth to monitor the status of patients is also acute. Most studies conducted devices provide a screening surface, not allowed the skilled reveal features of pathology. One of the possible options for mobility and accessibility for people mHealth devices is to use them when creating an analog input interface ICs Analog Front-End. AFE is a set of analog circuits, which utilize operational amplifiers, filters and sometimes integrated circuits for specific applications, sensors and other electrical circuits and the configurable unit required to interconnect the various sensors to the analog-digital converter and a microcontroller. The main advantages of AFE: • versatility (ability to replace many types of chips with one device); • flexibility (the ability to adapt to a variety of user interface requirements, simplify the set-up process); • minimizing soldering errors; • reducing the size and power consumption The paper addressed the issue of using the analog input interface chip in the development of mobile devices for the diagnosis of respiratory parameters person. This approach can be used to create a telemedicine systems. Analog input interface chip is a set of analog, digital and hybrid circuits are integrated on a single chip that enables you to create multi-functional and very flexible to confi-gure the device. The developed system allows daily monitoring of ECG and respiration signals and can be widely used in the diagnosis of respiratory diseases. The device can reduce power consumption by more than 94% compared with discrete implementations, while reducing the required board space reaches 86%. Input noise uVpp 4 is the best indicator for the values provided by the requirements of the CE / IEC 60601 for the most accurate measurements of high-performance portable equipment. AFE simplifies the design of the system at the expense of accommodating up to 50 components on a single chip. This research shows principal possibility to increase information capacity of mHealth equipment to the level comparable with in-formation content of professional equipment at the current low cost and small sizes.


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