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Information system of medical rehabilitation for patients with promyelocytic leukemia


E.V. Sadikova - Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Department of Biotechnical Systems, Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University «LETI» E-mail:

The article presents data on the study of psychophysiological detection of different states of the human on the basis of portable wireless sensors registration of biological signals. Improving the quality of life of cancer patients in remission – actual problem of modern society. The study of quality of life allows a differentiated assess the impact of the disease on the patient\'s condition. As indicators of conventional diagnostic techniques, the quality of life in time varies depending on the condition of the patient. The website «InfoMed» system of support of decision-making on the doctor for the rehabilitation of patients with leukemia measures to evaluate quality of life questionnaires developed for cancer patients. As a result of treatment the patient\'s responses to questions calculated indicators of physical and psychological condition. Do not always give an objective assessment questionnaires, so designed to questionnaires proposed to add indicators to evaluate the psycho-physiological state of a person on the basis of portable wireless sensors registration of biological signals. Recognition of psychophysiological states to effectively use hematologists when communicating it to the patient suffering from leukemia who are on rehabilitation during remission. On the basis of the experiments it can be concluded vzmozhnosti conduct research for raspznavaniya in patients with leukemia, one of these 4 above perechslennyh conditions for his individual performance electrocardiogram photoplethysmogram, pneumogram. To support decision-making hematologist doctor developed an information system that allows by web applications «InfoMed» to predict the development of the disease and the process of rehabilitation of persons with disabilities with leukemia. Through the development of an information system: adjustment of tactics of treatment of the patient; liaison between patient and physician; the timely provision of medical or psychological care; automation of the collection and analysis of research results; monitoring of the patient\'s state of health after his discharge from the hospital.


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