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Signal formation mathematical model for passive infrared sensors


E.I. Dukhan – Ph. D. (Eng.), Assistant Professor M.V. Kovba K.A. Nagayev

A feature of the passive infrared detection equipment (pix) is the diversity of the detection area (DA), formed by the optical system (OS), which is a set of elementary Fresnel lenses. OS «splits» controlled space into segments, within which the surface temperature can be considered constant. The optical axes of the lenses are aligned with the axis of symmetry two places (in the simplest case) PED (PP) CO. Each spatial segment «split» into two adjacent (conventionally, even and odd), the half portion on the same square. The thermal radiation of adjacent half slots focused on the photosensitive area adjacent PP. Voltages corresponding to the cumulative radiation of even and odd segments are subtracted from each other in the differential output of the receiver circuit. According to the procedure based on the analysis of field measurements and the calculated signals was confirmed by the adequacy of the proposed in this paper a mathematical model origin of the signal in Peaks and its software implementation.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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