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Algorithms of recognition of the direction of movement of the object an automated inspection system, incorporating an opto-electronic detection means


S.A. Udot – Ph. D. (Eng.), Assistant Professor N.L. Astashev

The article examines the approach to construction of algorithms of the secondary recognition of the direction of movement of the object through the typical elements of the road network, different from the known additional computations obtained in a special way temporal parameters of the scalar signal optical-electronic devices for infrared range. The purpose of the algorithms is the detection of the direction of movement of the object through the monitored element of the road network with the use of a limited number of sensors integrated in automated system of technical control. There is an example of its practical implementation on the basis of the modern automated system of technical control through the use of possibilities of system of gathering and processing information, without upgrading the opto-electronic detection means.


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  2. Pat. RF № 2599610. MPK51 G 08 V 23/00. Sposob opredelenija napravlenija dvizhenija narushitelja na T‑obraznom perekrestke dorog / Udot S.A., Fedorovcev D.G., Astashev N.L. № 2015118481/12; zajavl. 18.05.15; opubl. 10.10.16. Bjul. № 28.


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