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The model for determining the probability of intruder detection by electro-optical means of protection using in complex with other technical security means of an extended frontier


I.N. Kryukov – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor D.V. Vahonin D.F. Shukshin

This article explores ability of using the results of simulation to find the probability of detection of the violators, by opto-electronics technical means (OETM) in the complex of technical means of protections (TMOP). Using opto-electronics technical means in the protection of an extended frontier are used CCTV cameras with deliberately inflated pa-rameters, or multiple cameras, which leads to an increase in the cost of establishing a system of protection, reducing observation time for each zone, reducing the size of the image when multicinema displayed on the video monitor, increased strain on the operator and reduce the overall efficiency of the system. Insufficient quantity of cameras leads to the availability of space, the so-called «dead zones». First, during simulation of target detection, OETM using with TMOP of an extended frontier, take into account new several factors, in particular, influence the performance characteristics of the TMOP on the size and shape of the area of the possible location of the of-fender after overcoming the alarm to them abroad, which will allow to generate the aiming of the OETM based on information about place and time of crossing the extended frontier, and perform an assessment of the likelihood of intruder detection when OETM using with TMOP of an extended frontier, in real time within the associated algorithm. Thus, the simulation results allow to choose the scientifically proven characteristics of the OETM in their joint using with TMOP of an extended frontier, which allows to detect the violators of an extended frontier with required probability.


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