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Methodological approach of the synthesis of intelligent information management system group use of robotic systems for military purposes


S.P. Hripunov - Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Head of Project of the National Centre of Technology Development and the Basic Elements of robotics of the Advanced Research Foundation (Moscow) S. V. Vasilyev - Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Advisor of the General Director of the Advanced Research Foundation – Head of the Division for Interaction with State Customers of the Advanced Research Foundation (Moscow) I.V. Blagodaryashchev - Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Federal Budgetary Institution «The Main Scientific Research Center of Robotics» Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Moscow)

Analysis of contemporary armed conflicts shows that one of the promising directions of improving ways of combat and support tasks is the use of units of robotic systems for military purposes (RSM). A group application of RSM, in contrast to the single, provides an increase in the action space, reducing the runtime of jobs contributes to the expansion of functionality and increase the likelihood (warranty) the successful decision of tasks in view. However, the group management application RSM a number of additional difficulties associated with increasing the number of tasks. In particular, with the need to simultaneously manage the individual units and the group as a whole, the need of interaction with other groups, including units of the «сartwright» military equipment and coordinated counter the enemy units as well as a significant complication of the process of action planning, control, execution and evaluation of results in real time. One of the most important reserves for increasing the effectiveness of group use of RSM is to increase the level of automation control. An important role in this process is played by the system of support of decision-making operators manage group use of RSM, especially during operations in previously unknown, non-deterministic dynamically changing environment, in terms of active external opposition, lack of information and time. In this regard, of particular urgency of the researches directed on development and creation of qualitatively new sys-tems of governance, the basis of which are algorithmic and software and hardware support of intellectual activity operators executives in the synthesis of the organizational and management solutions that enable more full and sustainable realization of the potential resource capabilities of robotic systems, and, consequently, increase the effectiveness of their application. The paper proposed one possible approach to the solution of particular tasks needed to create intelligent information management system group RSM.


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