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Study on full duplex transmission of signals in the networks of mobility based RoF over one optical fiber


M.I. Naryshkin – Deputy Commander of Military Unit (Moscow) E-mail:

One of the main requirements for the considered RoF transmission system for organizing mobile radio communication in general, along with the need to ensure satisfactory data transmission quality when the length of the optical line tract of 50 km or more, is to maximize the reduction of costs, including using leased optical fibers. This makes the need for organizing RoF duplex signal over a single optical fiber. However, increasing the length of the optical link will require prima tion of additional measures to compensate for chromatic dispersion. In addition, as no less important is the fight against the distortions that are associated with polarization effects, Rayleigh and Brillouin scattering of optical radiation in the fiber, resulting, in turn, to the emergence of reverse flow. Significant levels of backflow would lead to a decrease in signal to noise ratio and consequently, an increase in error rate, ie will result in a decrease in the quality of communication. The article contains quantitative estimates of the channel quality parameters, as well as graphs of expression attenuation parameters and the optical signal / noise ratio of the length of the optical path. Also, shown in detail the construction of a mathematical model duplex signaling in a mobile radio communication networks based RoF technology that takes into account the interaction of the incoherent optical laser transmitter system. As a result of simulation duplex transmission mode numerical results obtained, namely the eye diagram, Q factors and probability of error for different lengths of optical line. Based on the results of calculation it found that the inclusion of the attenuator is almost completely suppresses the link between the lasers in the organization of two-way transmission signals on the basis of RoF networks over a single fiber.


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