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Potential accuracy of laser Doppler anemometry in the many-particle scattering mode


V.S. Sobolev – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Main Research Scientist, Head of Laboratory of Laser Information-Measuring Systems, Institute of Automation and Electrometry SB RAS (Novosibirsk) E-mail: G.A. Kascheeva – Research Scientist, Institute of Automation and Electrometry SB RAS (Novosibirsk) E-mail:

The problem of estimation of laser Doppler anemometry potential accuracy for many-particles scattering mode, when the main hindering factors are the phase (speckle) noise and the shot noise generated by the optical signal, is solved by computer simulation. As basic parameters for modeling are selected: the number of real or virtual interference fringes in the measurement volume of the anemometer, the number of Doppler signal counts and the typical values of the amplitudes of the signal from a single scattering particles. Cramer-Rao bounds (CRB) are found when using two counts of the signal. It is shown that by using more than 5 samples, you can use the known expression of CRB for Doppler lidar. The results allow quantitatively evaluate the minimum achievable errors of estimated center frequency of the Doppler signal, proportional to the flow velocity, and by comparing the values of these errors with the errors created by Doppler instruments to evaluate its quality.


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