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Development of methods for vibration testing of electronic devices


A.N. Starikov – Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Department «Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation and Hydraulics», Vladimir State University named after A.&N. Stoletovs
I.V. Parigin – Electronic Engineer , JSC «Concern «Scientific and Production Association «Avrora»(Saint Petersburg)

The main tasks in the design of electronic devices based on microcontrollers can be attributed to issues of General layout, the algorithm of functioning of the electro-magnetic compatibility, etc.
Question vibration resistance of the components and the Board is often the determining factor.
Elements of the technology of vibration include:
the creation of an adequate mathematical model;
the practical difficulty of testing all points of the geometric space of the device;
the creation of the stand of the load adequate to real object: the frequencies, the accelerations in the directions;
problem in choosing the axis of impact. Usually not seen for more than 3 axes usually at angles of 90°. While the real picture may differ significantly;
important aspect is defining the parameters for inventory reliability or the distance from critical States.
The aim of this work is to improve the quality of the design of microelectronic devices SU drives the GTD due to the development of techniques for vibration testing.
The subject of the study was the vibration resistance of electrical devices based on microcontrollers.

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