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A hybrid method for using external and internal memory in heuristic search for automated planning


Yu.M. Blokhin - Assistent, National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” (Moscow)

In this paper some aspects of implementation of heuristic search methods for automated planning are discussed. Automated planning is used in wide range of application, including integrated expert systems construction automation. This paper describes a method to use of both external and internal memory during a single search session in heuristic search in large-scale problems. The work is primarily focused on designing special data structures, which can be used with classical heuristic search algorithms without algorithm modifications. The main idea is to perform cached disk access with virtual memory approach. There are three special designed data structures – for search priority queue, for duplication detection processing and for search graph storage. Priority queue and graph storage use only serial access, thus they do not affect overall search speed. The most complex structure used for duplication detection, and when a cache is overflowed, some pages are kicked and flushed to a hard disk drive. We evaluate our approach on Sliding Puzzle, Tower of Hanoi, Rubik's Cube and classical planning (or STRIPS planning from Internation Planning Competition domains) problems. A* search algorithm and admissible heuristics are used in all our experiments. The solver timeline statistics (such as search speed and progress) are plotted for different search properties. We perform experiments on both magnetic and solid disks and compare results. Analyzing the results, conclusions are made, that our proposed approach can be efficiently used for small-middle sized problems on weak machines, with limited operation memory, because it guarntees, that the plan will be found even if all the memory is con-sumed.

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