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Aspects of development and validation of coloured Petri net for modelling of the high-loaded banking processing system server


V.V. Klimov - Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Deputy Director of Institute of intellectual cybernetic systems of NRNU MEPhI, Deputy Head of Department “Kibernetika”, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow)
I.D. Sokolov - Post-graduate Student, Department “Kibernetika”, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow)
B.A. Shchukin - Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Department “Kibernetika”, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI,

Electronic payment cards have become an essential part of modern world a long ago. They have greatly simplified performing of operations with people’s monetary funds. High-performance computing systems that used for card processing in banks are called processing systems. Essentially, these systems are performing operations on electronic equivalent of funds,therefore they required to qualify for high standards in reliability, security and operating rates. Because of that we found relevant the objective of creating application and methods for the prediction of workload on processing system, estimation of current, future states of system components and system performance for the purpose of detection of faulty or insufficiently performing components and, by that, preventing from probable faults.
The one of first steps to solution of this problem is this work, which main goal is to construct the model of banking processing server in the form of Petri net and analyze it for the conformance with the real system.

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