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Element-by-element processing and processing in general of multi-bit binary signals


N.M. Ashimov – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor of Department, Military Educational and Scientific Center of the Russian Ground Forces «CAA AF RF» (Moscow)
Yu.P. Aparina – Research Scientist, State Academy of Fire Security of Emergency Situations Ministry RF (Moscow)
A.S. Vasin – Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor of Department, Tyumen high military-engineering college

The theoretical substantiation of the possibility of a noticeable increase in the noise immunity of radio communication systems operating with binary signals having simple non-redundant codes is given, while in the literature there is a steady view that it is impossible to obtain such a gain of noise immunity. The transition of the scheme from element-by-element (bit-by-bit) processing to processing in general is carried out by transferring the limiter in front of the decoding device and playing the role of the decoder when receiving the binary combination symbols to the demodulator input, where the limiter acts as part of the filter-limiter-filter circuit, performing other functions, in particular ensuring the independence of the probability of false reception of a signal from the level of interference at the input.
A comparative evaluation of the noise immunity of control radio lines operating with phase-shifted signals and phase-difference mod-ulation signals is performed in the element-by-element processing and processing of the binary signal in general. In the control radio links, the Neumann-Pearson criterion is used and one of the parameters of the radio links is the noise immunity factor, for which the ratio of the interference voltage taken in the 1 kHz band to the voltage of the signal at the receiver input is reached, at which the probability of correct reception of the signal is reached 50%. The calculations showed that with the coherent reception of foso-manipulated (FM) signals and when processing them as a whole, the maximum possible value of the noise immunity factor can increase by 25%, and with the transition to the processing of phase-difference modulation signals (FDM), with their autocorrelation reception - up to two times.

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