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The relation of behavioral acts duration to neuronal firing frequency is dependent on differentiation of impulsation


A.G. Gorkin – Ph.D. (Psychol.), Senior Research Scientist, Institute of Psychology RAS (Moscow)
E.A. Kusina – Junior Research Scientist, Institute of Psychology RAS (Moscow)

In this work, we compared the neuronal activity differentiation in the behavior, defined as the unevenness of its frequency in different behavioral acts, with temporal parameters of the realized acts. As an area of registration of neuronal activity were selected retrosplenial cortex, a significant proportion of which neurons are specifically activated in the acts of applied food-acquisition instrumental behavior of pressing the pedals to obtain food from the feeders.
The study was conducted on 4 mature rats of both sexes, which were trained behavior on two sides of the cage. As an indicator of differentiation of neuron activity in behavior we selected nonparametric Friedman's criterion for the assessment of uniformity of frequencies of activity in behavioral acts. From 274 analyzed neurons the proportion of cells, corresponding to the confidence level of this criterion in 5% (p<0.05), did not significantly differ in the behavior on the first and second sides of the cage. Calculation of correlations between the frequencies of neuronal activity in behavioral acts on each side of the cage with their durations showed a significantly greater number of correlations for neurons with differentiated activity than without it. In all cases of differently differentiated neuronal activity the rate of positive and negative correlations was significantly different by Chi-square criterion. The difference in the proportion of positive and negative correlations was significant between undifferentiated, differentiated and specific activity.

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