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Influence of cultural components and psychophysiological features of the subject on the speed of his training


N.R. Sabanina – Master, Department of Pedagogy, Institute «Higher School of Education», Moscow Pedagogical State University
B.V. Zhuravlev – Dr.Sc. (Med.), Professor, Head of Laboratory, P.K. Anokhin Institute of Normal Physiology (Moscow)
V.S. Meskov – Dr.Sc. (Philos.), Professor, Department of Pedagogy, Institute «Higher School of Education»
Moscow Pedagogical State University
E.P. Murtazina – Ph.D. (Med.), Leading Research Scientist, P.K. Anochin Institute of Normal Physiology (Moscow)

Understanding the spiritual formation of human culture as a way of creativity in today's multicultural world is nontrivial task. We attempt to identify and justify the relationship between indicators of general cultural development and psycho-physiological characteristics on the basis of the methodology used for the research and technologies. These results may serve as a basis for creating models of cognition, learning environments and individual trajectories of development.
A special feature of our approach is to consider culture, from the point of view of the various forms of its presentation in ac-cordance with the post-non-classical concept of culture.
Each of the forms of representation of culture (FPK) are characterized by specific components: actor of culture, values, the laws and regularities of its development, specific artifacts (objects and cultural processes), as well as its language. Methods of determining the general cultural development (GCD) is described by two parametres: number of FPK used by actor and the level of exploration each of them. The psychophysiological indicators was carried out with the help of hardware and software "acceptor" on the basis of the implementation of complex subjects sensorimotor test. Parallel registers Cardiointervalogram which are calculated by the conventional cardiac variability using hardware and software complex "Varikard". Surveys conducted on 10 subjects – volunteers. An analysis of the relationships of the GCD indices and individual psychophysiological characteristics revealed that 1) the level of the functional state of the organism has a direct correlation with the level of general cultural development, 2) the mental productivity (% hit, the speed of learning) of actor with low level of GCD is accompanied by high level of tension its regulation systems, 3) high rates of learning speed are associated with high heart rate variability and high total spectrum power, with an OCD value of about 70%. These conclusions have been made for the case of awareness of the subjects as a collective distributed subject.

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