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Transdisciplinary meta-law of the development of conscious forms of life


V.S. Meskov – Dr.Sc. (Philos.), Professor, Department of Pedagogy, Institute “Higher School of Education», Moscow State Pedagogical University
N.R. Sabanina – Master, Department of Pedagogy, Institute "Higher School of Education", Moscow State Pedagogical University

The rapid changes of civilization due to the latest technological development, require the person to understand and use fun-damentally different "speed" of the process of awareness of reality, the creation of new meanings, ideas and of acting. Thus, the search for approaches to the disclosure of the content of the concept of "consciousness" has a general scientific theoretical and practical pedagogical value. The existence of man is considered from the point of view of the development of transdisciplinary metalaw conscious life forms.The current space-time structure of the EMI (Energy, Matter and Information) World suggests including open-loop spiral cyclical nature of existence and self-organization of its forms. Such a cycle includes at least three levels: inanimate, alive and conscious. It is possible to show compliance with the following their displays and transitions: the energy (E), energy and mattre (E-M), a matter (M), a matter-Information (M-I), the information (I), information and energy (I-e) .Each transition has its own unique way, which is at the same time, an attribute considered EVI-world. The hypothesis is that consciousness – a way to "M-I transition" forms of life to the information and the existence of feasible in the context of the following three principles: self-transcendence, reciprocity, and soft power. Let us also assume that: The forms of life that have no sign of consciousness are determined by the laws of the world around them: both the form and the internal characteristics to ensure their function. Environmental changes, faster than its adaptability, can lead to the destruction of the body. "In – And the transition" – the evolutionary invention, allows to drastically reduce the speed of adaptation, due to "the conscious ability to" transform man himself is not influenced by external, but – internal influences – "ideal product" of his inner world – info objects. Self-adjusting, by the culture acting. One of the scientific basis for the explanation of these processes is the theory of functional systems P.K. Anokhina, аccording to which the property of anticipatory reflection of reality determines the possibility of a person to assess in advance the nature of future changes and rebuild in a timely manner [by Zhuravlev B.V.].
The law "M-I transition." If "M-I transition" Implemented the formation and development of the body will be determined by an idealized representation of the conscious form of life of the world, while the external influence of the material world will be minimal.

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June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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