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Mirror neurons


A.V. Savelyev – Ph.D. (Philos.), Senior Research Scientist, Director of the Patent agency «©Uniquely honest patenting»

The purpose of the research – the attempt to take the first step towards the restoration of historical justice and to show the depth and significance of the achieved domestic results of the discovery and research of mirror neurons long before the official recognition of their rediscovery by Western researchers.
First of all, it should be mentioned I.P. Pavlov, who for the first time separated real action from his nervous notion. In fact, the mirror neurons (MN) in their present view are a special case of the conditioned reflex at the neuronal level. Also, according to the statement Dr.Sci.(Philos.). A.Yu. Alexeev mirror neurons now is more a question of terminology. Mirror is not only a mirror, but also a reflection, that is, it would be more correct to translate – "reflecting neurons" or "reflection neurons". In fact, at the conceptual level, the concept of MN was laid by V.I. Lenin, his theory of knowledge as a theory of reflection [1], which is fully understood even with a more correct translation of the term mirror neurons. It is known that E.N. Sokolov formulated the concept of the neural model of the neural stimulus and neuron detectors (in fact, MN!) as far back as 1958 [2]. The essence and historical stages of the discovery of E.N. Sokolov mirror neurons are given. Also the results of the works of the author of 1984-85 are presented about simulation of mirror neurons properties, moreover, these neuromodels were protected by USSR patents № 1424575 DSP and RU № 2093889 [3]. This simulation of neurons in their mirror function allowed theoretically draw a conclusion back in 1985 and has not yet been rediscovered by Western re-discoverers that almost all the neurons of the new crust possess the "mirror" property.
This work was financially supported by RHSF in grant № 15-03-00519а «Post-non-classic paradigm of artificial intellect».

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