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Diagnosing of the systems providing stability and controllability of the car


Yu.V. Bazhenov – Ph.D.(Eng.), Professor, Deputy Director, Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Road Transport of Vladimir SU
M.Yu. Bazhenov – Ph.D.(Eng.), Associate Professor, Department of Automobile Transport, Vladimir State University named after A.&N. Stoletovs

The analysis of the reasons of high accident rate on the motor transport in the Russian Federation shows that a considerable share from a total quantity of the road accidents it is the share of technical malfunctions of vehicles. The special danger is caused by operation of cars with the faulty systems which are directly influencing traffic safety. First of all, the rudder control (RC) and the front suspender (FS) which provide controllability and stability of the car and which refusals lead to the most serious consequences of road accident belong to such systems.
The complex of diagnostic parameters with their normative values is necessary for identification and localization of specific malfunctions in the steering gear, a steering trapeze, the suspender and other elements of the considered systems. Such complex developed for the bus LiAZ-5256 chosen as a research object includes: a total backlash in RC, a convergence of front wheels, a distortion of a front axle of the bus, a distortion of a rear axle, effort on a steering wheel and «withdrawal» of the bus from the set trajectory of the movement.
For decrease in labor input of diagnosing of RC and FS control one of them in the beginning – «withdrawal» of the bus. If the value of «withdrawal» doesn't exceed admissible, the considered nodes of the bus are in technically serviceable condition and there is no need for carrying out any additional control and diagnostic operations. Otherwise verification of the provision of front and back axes of the bus concerning a body, a convergence of front wheels, a total backlash in RC, effort on a steering wheel is consistently carried out.
Diagnosing is carried out according to the developed algorithms establishing the rational sequence on identification and elimination of the damages arising in use. The algorithm of diagnosing of technical condition of rudder control is given as an example in article. Per-formance control and diagnostic and in need of repair and adjusting operations allows to prevent operation of cars with faulty condition of the systems ensuring traffic safety and it is essential to reduce the number of accidents on roads.

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