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Models and technology of manufacturing products based on the use of the finite element method


S.N. Brichenkov – Post-graduate Student, Kaluga branch of the Bauman MSTU
I.D. Sokolova – Ph.D.(Eng.), Associate Professor, Kaluga branch of the Bauman MSTU

The main source of errors of tooling is insufficient inflexibility of the technological system.
It is especially important on the stage of development of technological processes to take into account all possible deformations details arising up in the process of fixing of purveyance on an equipment, treatment and another manipulations cutting and to take measure on their removal.
At making of model detail one of Kaluga enterprises - lever producers ran into the phenomenon of origin of errors of sizes in the process of milling of проушин. Treatment is conducted on the milling machine of Auerbach AX5 B 2200. The rejection of size arrives at a 0,2.0,3 mm at admittance +0,14 мм. It brings to the uneven wear of the axis inserted in проушины of lever and to subsequent repair.
In hired authors undertook a study of static deformations of lever for an exposure and removal of reasons of marriage. For the analysis of deformations arising up in the process of treatment of lever, the method of eventual elements is applied, ANSYS realized in a software product. The calculation of the cutting modes is produced and making cutting forces, arising up at treatment.
The analysis produced at the use of software product of ANSYS showed that most size of rejection of проушин of lever - a 0,093 mm takes place at the threading-in of milling cutter at the overhead unsupported edge of проушины.

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