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Increasing the effectiveness of the information system for monitoring the educational achievements of students


A.S. Platonova – Ph.D.(Eng.), Associate Professor, Department «Physics and Applied Mathematics»,
Murom branch of Vladimir State University named after A.&N. Stoletovs

Control over the results of studying the basic educational program by schoolchildren is the most important component of the control and evaluation activity in the school. Information systems are often used to monitor educational achievements. But their functional completeness is not high enough to receive full information about the student and to carry out corrective measures. The article considers the problem of developing an information system for the integrated monitoring of educational achievements of schoolchildren.
The developed information system should collect, store and process subject, between subject, personal results of education, indicators of health and upbringing, which is about a hundred controlled parameters. Simultaneously, the system should have high performance, that is, provide, upon the user's request, comprehensive assessments of schoolchildren without delays in time when operating within the subject of the Russian Federation.
Within the framework of the subject domain modeling, using such General scientific research methods as structural and morphological analysis, a model of the object structure of the control subject has been created, which has the form of a morphological hierarchical tree and includes more than 80 results of education, which are subject to collection, storage and processing. The time of the formation of the report with a comprehensive assessment of the student is analyzed and a conclusion is drawn that on the scales of the subject of the Russian Federation, temporary delays will have unacceptable meanings.
There are various methods to improve the performance of information systems, including hardware, applications. A method of de-normalization was chosen to optimize the data storage scheme even before the application programs for the information system were created. To do this, additional, redundant tables of the database are stored in which the previously processed data is stored. An algo-rithm for the formation of an integrated assessment of student achievements is constructed, including a set of procedures that are called up as needed and contain queries to the database, including additional tables. As a result, the productivity of the developed system has increased: the time spent on the formation of comprehensive assessments of schoolchildren on the basis of a database with an optimized structure and the number of records per subject of the Russian Federation has decreased four-fold.
Thus, the experience of applying the denormalization method to improve the performance of the applied information system is pre-sented.

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