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Evaluation of the effectiveness of the model for measuring the quality of the "Internet access" service in the Republic of Ecuador


V.A. Galkin – Ph.D.(Eng.), Associate Professor, Department «Information Processing and Control Systems»,
Bauman Moscow State Technical University
J.C. Gonsales Gusev – Post-graduate Student, Department «Information Processing and Control Systems»,
Bauman Moscow State Technical University

In this paper, we analyze main models for measuring the quality of services from the end users’ point of view (QoE – Quality of Expe-rience). After that, we consider the model of measurement and quality control of the «Internet access» service in the Republic of Ec-uador. We define a method for analyzing the effectiveness of this model based on three criteria (parameters’ accomplishment, corre-lation analysis of the quality perception parameter, and changes in the perception of the quality respect to the change in the number of users in time). In this research, we analyze the data of ten major operators (98% of the total market) over the past five years (2013 to 2017). Data processing showed incorrectly defined quality parameters, while the identified problems show normal behavior close to the target value. Also, we reveal a very weak correlation of the quality perception parameter with other monitored parameters, which proves poor reflection of the QoE quality perception used by this model. The chosen criteria of analysis showed that the model is inefficient for the monitoring and quality control of the provided service from the end users’ point of view (QoE). This makes us think about the need to create a new model for quality measuring of the «Internet access» service that would clearly reflect quality indicators in respect to the actual requirements of the customers.

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