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Calculation of the parameters of the segment of the infocommunication telemedicine system of Quito (Ecuador)


Juan Gabriel Veloz Llano – Post-graduate Student, Department Radio Engineering and Radios Systems, Vladimir State University named after A.&N. Stoletovs

Creating an urban segment of an info-communication system in the tele-medecine requires the solution for the whole set of problems in connection with the organization of the basis stations (defining their quantity; distance from each other, as well as from the receiving devices of the users; selection of the physical agents of connection lines) and in regard of the number of patients using the diagnostic services for such distant consultations. While calculating the necessary characteristics for the basis stations, one has to consider not only the rapidness of the operations, but also the economical aspects, thus bearing in mind certain limitations for the proposed parameters of the elements of the info-communication system.
The article deals with the calculation of the main parameters for the basis stations needed for the development of the unified info-communication system in the tele-medecine on the scale of the city of Quito. Considering the landscape particularities of the Republic of Ecuador criteria of the radio attenuation are calculated precisely for the given territory. Also calculated is the users burden, i.e. the approximate number of users per each part of the basis station. The analysis of the daily demands for the tele-medecine provider of the city of Quito was made according to the statistics given for the different type of diseases.

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