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Evaluation of measurement errors of the target coordinates in the radar sensing through the wall

DOI 10.18127/j20700814-201901-06


K.Yu. Gavrilov – Dr.Sc.(Eng.), Director of Educational Research and Production Center of the Faculty of Flying Vehicles Radio Electronics, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)
Yu.V. Igonina – Leading Designer, The Branch of JSC Sukhoi Company «Sukhoi Design Bureau» (Moscow)
O.N. Linnikov – Ph.D.(Eng.), Director of RPC «Designing Radar Systems» of the Faculty of Flying Vehicles Radio Electronics, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)

At radar sounding of rooms through a wall there are errors of measurement of coordinates of the targets, associated with the refraction of beams at the interface «wall–air», as well as due to the reduction of the phase velocity of radio waves in the thickness of the wall. The article is devoted to the problems of estimating the values of such errors in range and angle, as well as the identification of their dependencies on the geometric and electrical parameters of the walls and the relative position of the radar and the target.
It is assumed that the radar forms a two-dimensional image of the controlled zone, and the range resolution is provided by the use of ultra-wideband signal with step frequency modulation, and the angle resolution – by using a linear antenna array (AR).
The relations allowing to determine the coordinates of the points of refraction of the beams on the inner boundary «wall–air» and to calculate the changes in the phase relations in the space-time signal processing in the AR are obtained by numerical methods. With the help of the obtained ratios, it is possible to calculate errors in measuring the coordinates of the targets by range and angle when sensing the rooms through the wall.
Also obtained approximate formulas for the calculation of those errors, which give a divergence from the exact values by no more than 5% in range and 10% at the corner. The calculations showed that in the case of typical dimensions and parameters of the walls and rooms the values of the measurement errors of the target coordinates are in the range of 0,1 to 1 m.

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