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Synthesis of signal processing algorithms under influence of band-limited non-Gaussian noise. Amplitude-phase processing

DOI 10.18127/j00338486-201903-03


V.M. Artyushenko – Dr.Sc.(Eng.), Professor, Head of Department of Information Technology and Management Systems, Technological University (Korolyov, Moscow region)
V.I. Volovach – Dr.Sc.(Eng.), Associate Professor, Head of Department of Information and Electronic Service,
Volga Region State University of Service (Togliatti)

The synthesis of quasi-optimal algorithms of amplitude-phase processing of useful signals under the influence of additive non-Gaussian noise with a band-limited spectrum is carried out. The necessity of obtaining such algorithms and implementing their structural schemes, including the practically important case of signal processing in radio reception, radio and sonar under the influence of interfering neighboring sources, multipath reflection of signals, etc. The methods of nonlinear Markov filtering are used, when the adjacent counts of these noises are both correlated and independent, the case when the envelope (amplitude) and the phase of the influencing noise are independent is also considered.
The General case of amplitude-phase processing, in which the adjacent accounts of additive noise are correlated, is considered. It is assumed that the input mixture of the signal with the fur is a narrow-band oscillation. Determination of the energy characteristics of the envelope and phase is made by calculating the two-dimensional PDF amplitudes and phases of the input mixture. It is shown that the obtained recurrent equations describing the quasi-optimal algorithm for estimating the demodulated (filtered) sequence in the processing of the envelope and phase under the influence of these noises have the same form as in the case of processing by quadrature components. The block diagram realizing the named algorithm and coinciding as a whole with the scheme of quadrature processing is re-ceived. In this case, instead of channels for processing quadrature components, channels (and blocks) for processing the envelope (amplitude) and the phase of the processed processes are used. The characteristics of these blocks are uniquely determined by the two-dimensional transient PDF amplitude and phase of the noise.
In the particular case of amplitude-phase processing, the neighboring counts of additive non-Gaussian noise are independent. In this case, the previously obtained recurrent equations, and hence the demodulator block diagram, can be simplified. The influence of the extrapolated estimates to the form of the recurrence equations. Another special case of amplitude-phase processing is the case of mutual independence of the envelope and the phase of the noise affecting the signal. On the basis of the synthesis of the named case, a block diagram of the demodulator is obtained. The expressions for the description of four-dimensional joint PDF of quadrature components of the narrow-band Gaussian stationary process are given, on the basis of which for some limiting cases expressions of two-dimensional PDF for the envelope and the phase of the latter are obtained.

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