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Increasing the bandwidth of blockchain-systems

DOI 10.18127/j19997493-201902-08


G.S. Ivanova – Dr.Sc.(Eng.), Professor, Department «Computer systems and networks», Bauman Moscow State Technical University
K.A. Volodin – Student, Department «Computer systems and networks», Bauman Moscow State Technical University

As part of solving the problem of limited bandwidth on the blockchain network, a method was developed for the interaction of the block-chain network participants in the layer of additional external channels. For blockchain systems, bandwidth is the number of processed (confirmed) transactions per unit of time. The developed method allows you to create decentralized applications that satisfy both security requirements and performance requirements, taking into account the existing architectural features of most blockchain systems. The key feature of the method is that it is based on technologies and architectural solutions that are present in most blockchain systems.
In turn, the proposed method was analyzed for possible vulnerabilities. The main problem was highlighted that the attacker was saving the wrong channel state. To eliminate this vulnerability, two methods have been proposed that are possible within most blockchain sys-tems. The first method is based on the use of transaction confirmation time, but makes the channel lifetime limited. The second way is to use asymmetric transactions and their cancel keys. Attention is also paid to switching developed channels. Channel switching is the abili-ty to conduct interaction between network participants even if these participants are not connected directly, but there is a path between the channels between them.
At present, the blockchain technology is developing spontaneously, both technologically and at the level of application of this technology. Virtually every blockchain system is a monolithic structure with a set of protocols, strict restrictions and rules. The slightest change in any of the components of the blockchain system can lead to a critical drop in reliability or speed of the entire system. Therefore, on the basis of the proposed algorithms for conducting interaction in channels, it is possible to break almost any blockchain network into several layers, similar to the OSI model in general-purpose networks.
Ultimately, the proposed model allows:
1) conduct instant transactions within established channels, even if participants are not directly connected to each other;
2) get rid of the commissions in the direct interaction of participants;
3) conduct private interaction;
4) use it in most existing blockchain systems.
However, in the proposed implementation, the model has several limitations:
1) there is a need for timely opening and closing of the channel;
2) reliable protection of traffic between channel participants is required so that cancellation keys or any other keys are not intercepted by the Man-in-the-middle attack;
3) complex routing system inside the channels is required to find the most profitable route between unconnected participants.

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