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Energy properties of the flat gas-discharge plasma that inhomogeneous along the current line

DOI 10.18127/j00338486 201907(10) 05


A.A. Zakharov – Dr.Sc.(Eng.), Professor, Department «Electronic devices and systems engineering», Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov
A.S. Bankovsky – Ph.D.(Phys.-Math.), Associate Professor, Department «Electronic devices and systems engineering», Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov
A.A. Abrosimov – Master Student, Department «Electronic devices and systems engineering», Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov

The energy parameters' magnitudes of a low-temperature gas discharge plasma, which is widely used in real design of electronic devices (gas-burner, measuring and technological complexes), determines their properties significantly. The temperature of the electrons determines the noise properties of the devices and therefore determines their output characteristics. The discharge current is determined by the longitudinal component (current component) of the electric field, which affects the gain coefficient in gas lasers, the quality and speed of the corresponding processes in the technological complexes of coating and cleaning, the threshold sensitivity in measuring plasma devices, such as hall sensors. The real devices' plasma is far from the model of homogeneous plasma, since the magnitude of the longitudinal component of the electric field is a function of the longitudinal coordinate. The diffusion positive discharge column's the energy properties of such an inhomogeneous plasma determined the energy parameters of the homogeneous plasma for a model of a flat diffusion plasma of a positive discharge column. To calculate the energy parameters of such plasma we replace it with a model of homogeneous plasma, which properties are determined with the equation of motion of electrons and positive ions averaged along discharge current line.
If we place the plasma in a transverse magnetic field, of such a magnitude, that the traverses directed components of the directed velocities are constant, i.e. don't depend on the transverse coordinate, and its space charge is equals zero, we obtain a plasma model, which is homogeneous in all coordinates. The coefficient of volume ionization and the temperature of electrons in a homogeneous plasma model are equal to the ionization coefficient and electron temperature of a non-uniform plasma without a magnetic field. Using the electron balance equation and the energy balance for a resulting model of homogeneous plasma equation, introducing the effective value the average component of the electric field directed along the discharge current line, which is associated with the average value and the inhomogeneity parameter, depending on the plasma geometry and concentration of electrons' magnitude at the points along the longitudinal coordinate, determining plasma's boundaries, we obtain analytical expressions which determine the influence of the parameters of inhomogeneity on the temperature of electrons. The equation for the energy balance of electrons for inhomogeneous plasma was obtained. The results of numerical calculations of the electron temperature and the average component of the electric field directed along the discharge current line for neon and argon plasma at different gas pressures were presented. It is shown that with increasing gas pressure, the influence of the inhomogeneity parameter on the temperature decreases. At negative values of the inhomogeneity parameter, the temperature is non-uniform, the plasma is lower than the temperature of a homogeneous plasma, which can ensure a low noise level in plasma devices. Also there was calculated the influence of the inhomogeneity parameter on the effective value of the longitudinal component of the electric field in an inhomogeneous plasma. This allows us to affirm that in an inhomogeneous plasma with a inhomogeneity parameter, corresponding to a non-uniform along the longitudinal axis plasma with a negative simmering glow, not only a glow discharge can have less noises, than in a homogeneous plasma region, corresponding to a uniform positive discharge column, but the plasma's threshold sensitivity to the magnetic field, proportional to the effective value of the electric field, increases. It confirms the possibility of creation of highly sensitive galvanomagnetic transducers of the magnetic field using inhomogeneous plasma into an electric signal.

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