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Radiative properties of radioreactors of electric vehicle

DOI 10.18127/j00338486-201907(10)-17


M.V. Davidovich – Dr.Sc.(Phys.-Math.), Professor, Department of Radiotechnique and Electrodynamics, Saratov State University named after N.G. Chernyshevsky
A.I. Timofeev – Head of Departament, LLC RPC «Etna Plus» (Saratov)
I.A. Kornev - Head of Research Group, LLC RPC «Etna Plus» (Saratov)

The problems of electromagnetic compatibility in urban and railway electric transport are of high relevance. Reactors of noise suppression (anti-interference choke) are used to reduce the electromagnetic over-pollution, which is inductors of suppressing arising in the course of operation of the vehicle electromagnetic waves. In this case, the inductor itself is a radiating device. This work is devoted to the consideration of its properties as a radiator. Banded version of flat and three-dimensional (having a plurality of winding layers) of the coil. To find the radiation of the coil, the current density distribution is considered taking into account the magnetic polarization of the material of magnetic shields used to increase the inductance. The calculation was based on a model simulating a real vehicle. It considered a circuit with the voltage of the power supply and the current in the circuit in which the inductance is connected in series with the main part of the circuit, the resistance of which varies according to a given pulse law. This took into account the holding time in the line corresponding to the length of the wire used in the coil. On the basis of the previous works of the authors, a certain configuration of the carcass, suitable for the parameters for use in urban electric transport, was selected and analyzed for its own radiation. In the work, the field of two coils with the same currents (usually reactors of noise suppression are applied by couples, on number of wires of a contact network operating a constant current) with oppositely directed magnetic dipole moments is calculated by numerical methods on the radiation pattern of the coil in power, and also considered. The estimation of the frequency dependence of the radiation power of the coil when a pulse signal is applied to it is carried out. Based on the relations obtained in the work, recommendations on the orientation of the coils in space are given. Also, these relations can be useful in determining the configuration of the coil of anti-interference choke, to obtain the desired radiation pattern of its field.

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