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Three-dimensional mathematical model of the microstrip phaseshifter based on class II structure

DOI 10.18127/j00338486-201907(10)-20


V.V. Alexeyev – Ph.D.(Eng.), First Deputy Director, Mytishchinsky SPI Radio-Measuring Instruments (Mytischi)
V.P. Meschanov – Honored Scientist of RF, Dr.Sc.(Eng.), Professor, Director of NIKA-Microwave, Ltd (Saratov)
V.V. Semenchuk – Head of Department, Mytishchinsky SPI Radio-Measuring Instruments (Mytischi)
Y.V. Turkin – Senior Research Scientist, NIKA-Microwave, Ltd (Saratov)
D.N. Sherstyukov – Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Moskow)

In this work, we systematically derive mathematical model of the differential based on the class II microstrip structure. Electric field distribution calculated using mixed potentials integral equation. Two-layer structure of microstrip device is taken into account using dyadic Green functions in spectral representation. Developed model allows calculations of complex microstrip systems with arbitrary number of dielectric layers and thin metallic conductors. The main goal of electromagnetic modeling of the device may be not only computation of field distributions but also calculation of phase- and amplitude-response functions and optimization of its structure. In this work, we describe the method of calculation of the impedance matrix of microstrip structure. This method allows us to use described mathematical model for simulation of complex microwave circuits with different types of lumped elements. In addition, this method can be used for modeling of microstrip devices with discontinuities, bends or with smoothly changing line width.

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