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Informatics, information technology and competences

DOI 10.18127/j20700814-201907-07


S.G. Vorona – Ph.D.(Eng.), Associate Professor, Odintsovo branch of MGIMO University
M.S. Vorona – Senior Engineer, Mozhaysky Military Space Academy (Saint Petersburg)

In Russia, at the state level, much attention is paid to the Informatization of society in General and education in particular. The rapid increase in the volume of information circulating in society poses the problem of modern man's ability to work with it: to find, select the right, store, package and quickly extract from storage, process and transform. The ability to work with information becomes one of the basic skills for a person, and this ability, like any other, must be learned. The means of such interaction are fundamentally new ways, methods that ensure the effective achievement of the result of pedagogical activity. In the context of educational reforms of particular importance in vocational education have become aimed at the introduction of various pedagogical innovations that contribute to the increase of information society.
Purpose of the work is to show the contradictions in the study of disciplines and possible solutions.

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