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Forms of the Earth Coverage by Radar with the Synthesized Aperture (RSA) of the Aviation and Space Basing


O.A. Karpov, E.F. Tolstov

The correct selection of the form of the earth coverage with the solution of the problem of cartography of the earth's surface by the radar with the synthesized aperture (RSA) with digital processing of signals in many respects determines the effectiveness of its solution. Therefore it is important to conduct the united classification of the forms of the earth coverage known up to the present moment and to examine their effectiveness with the solution of different problems. The analysis represented in the article shows that the examined in the paper “simple” forms of the earth coverage (anterolateral, telescopic, sectorial, reverse sectorial) are characterized by the collection of the properties, which make it possible to select most suitable for the effective solution of any specific objectives. At the same time all simple forms of the earth coverage possess that deficiency, that the width of lock-in zone on the distance in them is identical and limited by the beam width of the antenna radiation pattern in the elevation plane. Is it possible to correct this deficiency using of complex regime with scanning of the antenna radiation pattern on the distance, in which for shaping of the partial lock-in zone is used one of “simple” forms of the earth coverage. In principle the complex forms of the earth coverage can be used not only for expanding the lock-in zone on the distance, but also for the solution of other specific problems. Keywords: cartography of earth's surface, radar with the synthesized aperture, digital processing of signals, the earth coverage, antenna radiation pattern (ARP).

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