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Analogue Realization of Semi-Integrator


S.V. Krupenin, V.V. Kolesov

Analogue realization of the semi-integrator based on distributed RC components is presented. The semi-integrating circuit is represented by uniform Cauer network: series-R and shunt-C ladder. As shown by Oldham and Spanier, the bandwidth of this semi-integrating circuit depends on RC constant and number of network elements. Thin-film realization of the distributed RC components is represented by microstrip line with modulated width. Microstrip line is arranged in zig-zag style in order to obtain sample compactness. Samples of the semi-integrator are fabricated by means of high-vacuum thin-film deposition and photolithography. The circuit containing 400 RC elements is implemented on silicon substrate and located within 6x8 mm2. Materials used in thin-film deposition are titanium, silicon dioxide and chromium. The upper conducting layer of microstrip structure (line with modulated width) is formed by means of photolithography procedure. In-plane sizes of resistive and capacitive elements are 10x100 and 100x100 square microns, respectively. Frequency-band semi-integration is verified by experimental results and numerical modeling. Experimental bandwidth of semi-integrator is one octave: 800–1600 MHz. Possible applications of the semi-integrator are as follows: fractal system modeling (for example, fractal noise generation) and synthesis of fractional solving circuits

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