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A Heart Rhythm Phase Structure at Physical Loadings


Kuznetsov A. A.

The purpose of work was research of transients of a heart rhythm quality change on change of quality of a rhythm topology storey structures. As revolting factor a short-term physical loading on velosimulator served. The author is interested with processes of a rhythm quality change (a mode of adaptation), the first therefore are investigated 3 - 4 minutes. It is carried out 32 ECG registration by Holter gauge for 7 healthy surveyed. On received ECG a digital line of sequence RR-of intervals was allocated. The selective quantity of information IΣ, missing up to the full description of a rhythm, paid off under the formula: , where size of thermodynamic probability , N - amount of discrete values of RR-intervals in analyzed sample, Ni - quantity of discrete values of RR-intervals on i -storey. Function I(n) was formed by a «sliding average» method and paid off for "windows" samples with appointed width no. In considered cases it was established "by default" equal nо = 100. As an estimation of quantity of the information, falling one RR-interval, the specific quantity of the information was used. In the considered cases average value RRav up to loading exceeds average value RR av after performance of muscular loading on (7 - 20 %) and «the negative phase» pulse is absent. Average level I(n) about 500 bit is characteristic for a healthy organism. Falling of an average level of function I(n) is accompanied by sharp change of rhythm diagram topology storey structure by compression on a vertical and strengthening of orderliness. Usually it followed with attempt to renew structure in form of short growth Ii. In this interval of time storey diagram finds a multimodality of distribution. Sometimes such structure steady, and sometimes keeps tens seconds, and then compressed on a vertical (Ii again falls). Rhythm diagram sites at loading have recession after an exhibitor with "break" of a curve. First up to "break" the interval of the general pause and segment PQ gets out, and after it interval QT is reduced. In a settlement case interval QT decreased less than 4 %. Physical loadings result in sharp falling size of a standard deviation, but render weak and ambiguous influence on criterion of storey structures orderliness

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