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Millimeter Waves and Nanostructures are the Future of Medicine and Bioelectronics


Sinitsyn N.I., Elkin V.A., Betskii O.V., Kislov V.V.

This work authors start to discuss influence for the first time found out by them the features of nanostructurizations of the water-containing environment in biological objects on their interaction with low intensive radiations of a millimetric range. For the beginning publications of the given cycle of clauses as a subject of researches the leather of the person as the most evident and convenient object for supervision is chosen. Experimentally found out features of structurization of the water-containing environment in a leather of the person are described. Changes of characteristics of structurization of the water-containing environment from influence on a leather of the external structuring factors shown at contact of a leather with nanostructures not homogeneous of a surface of insoluble materials in water are investigated, and also at interaction of a leather with low intensive millimetric waves. The received results promote not only to the further, but essentially to deeper understanding of the mechanism, features and opportunities of millimetric medicine. Thus one of first steps on a way to an explanation of physics crystal of therapy, used with ancient times, but, down to last time, not having a scientific substantiation is done. Pays attention that structurization of the water-containing environment in the form of construction of chain designs from molecules of the water, described earlier authors, for the first time allows to explain carry of influence of low intensive electromagnetic radiations, used in millimetric medicine, to significant depth in alive systems from a place of falling of radiations. The approach developed by authors and the developed equipment show reliable and steady registration of performance data of investigated physical objects, and, hence, and perspectives of creation on the basis of the described approaches and processing’s of the signals accepted from alive and lifeless structures, essentially new specialized therapeutic technologies and high-sensitivity, noninvasive, not revolting and contact less diagnostic complexes of structurization of water-containing layers not only in a leather, but, in the long term, and diagnostics of various alive and lifeless structures. The reality of a birth of a new direction in biomedical radio-electronic technologies - millimetric nanostructural medicine using approaches of millimetric medicine in a combination to opportunities and features of structurization of water-containing environments in alive structures from their contact to natural minerals or artificial materials is discussed. Such materials can be also necessary nanostructures the objects delivered in alive bodies in the form of nanocapsules, nanocontainers, medicines and so on.

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