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Influence of Variable Low-Frequency Magnetic Field on the Growth of Single-Cell Alga Scenedesmus


Usanov D.A., Skripal A.V., Rzyanina A.V., Usanov A.D.

Influence of variable low-frequency magnetic field on the growth of single-cell alga Scenedesmus has been experimentally investigated. It has been experimentally established that stimulatory action of variable magnetic field on cells growth is observed in the narrow band of frequencies. The most effect was observed at the frequency of 6 Hz. The increase of the concentration of alga cells subjected to long cultivation (7-10 days) at the presence of the low-frequency magnetic field at the induction of 25 mTl and at the frequency of 6 Hz, by a factor of two and a half was observed in comparison to cells concentration of the test group with no magnetic field. It corresponds to previous experiments carried out on Daphnia magna Straus fertility study, which was resulted in that, under the influence of low-frequency magnetic field with the above mentioned parameters, the daphnia fertility increased by a factor at 2,2 on average. Thus, as a result of investigation of the low frequency magnetic field influence on the growth of single cell alga Scenedesmus it has been established that long cultivation of alga at the variable magnetic field at the induction of 25 mTl and at the frequency of 6 Hz increases growth rate of test culture by a factor of 2,5 in comparison with the control test. That is, the variable magnetic field with selected parameters has a stimulatory influence on the single cell alga Scenedesmus growth. Carried out investigations can be useful for the development of methods of microalga biomass increase, in particular, assigned for biofuel production.

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