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Effect of Mobile Phones Activation on the Biorhythmical Structure of Human Brain Electrogenesis


Pobachenko S.V., Ponomarev A.V.

Environmental electromagnetic fields are a significant ecological factor. Variations of electromagnetic fields of diapason of Schuman and Alfven resonances which are formed by complex of solar-geophysical factors play principal role of obligatory, constantly acting factor, which is one of basic for the maintenance of stable rythmostasis of living organisms. During last half century processes of modifications of natural phone in the connect with significant increase of weight of anthropogenic component is observed. One of the most widespread technologic sources of electromagnetic irradiation is mobile connection. There is no doubt that mobile phone irradiation effects on human organism. However mechanisms of this influence in particular on electrogenesis of human brain remain undetermined.  The study was intended to discover the particularities of electromagnetic field irradiated by cell apparatus on EEG activity parameters and on the degree of connection of fluctuation of spontaneous electrical activity of head brain with variations of phone ELF of electromagnetic fields of range of first mode of Schuman resonance.  Results of complex experimental studies on influence of mobile phone activation on functional activity of human brain are presented. Significant increase of level of spectral power in the range of frequencies 2-4 Hz and 6-8 Hz in the middle channals on the side disposition of the phone after ending of mobile phone activation has been established. One minute influence of mobile phone causes depressed effect on the degree of connect of parameter variations of phone electromagnetic fields ELF range and EEG

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