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Piezoelectrical Properties of Human Skin


Mustafin T.N.

In several articles has been mentioned about existence different electrical reaction to external mechanical effect. This reaction is named piezoelectric one. Neither assessments nor researches describing this effect haven’t been found. That’s why aim of this research is assessment of piezoelectric properties of coverlet and development the method of attack to construct not expensive, easy-to-work equipment makes possible obtain objective diagnostic organism status data. Equipment makes possible estimate electrical reaction of coverlet to mechanical effect has been devised by author. With assistance devised instrument existence piezoelectric properties has been proved and quantitive estimation has been produced in different body’s zone. Reaction at external mechanical effect on common zone of coverlet is different. Plots, illustrating changes of voltage at electrodes with the passage of time (character mechanical effect was identity), essentially differed. Sometimes delay reaction has proceeded, sometimes one has not been practically in evidence. Piezoelectric properties are intrinsic to individual region of coverlet and emerge in individual experiments. Quantitative assessment these properties classify piezoelectric ones testing coverlet’s zone

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