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The Signal Reception at Influence of the Correlated Noises


A.I. Falko, M.S. Shoushnov, A.V. Gunter

In given article using methods of statistical-decision theory together with methods of parent (updating) process synthesize algorithms of the coherent and incoherent signal reception at influence of fluctuating and correlated noise preset by the correlation function. Feature of synthesized algorithms are subtraction procedure from the received mix correlated noise estimate, optimum by minimum error mean square criterion. Forming of correlation integral using multiplication of the received difference on a signal sample with taking into account influence on it of the correlated noise estimate filter and averaging-out. The pulse response of the correlated noise estimate filter is defined by heterogeneous Fredholm equation. The solution of these equations by method of variables states are concerned with changing from integral to differential equation that considerably simplifies both the solution and modeling it by the computer methods. In article the equations for modeling correlation integral are given. In particular case with a decomposable core of correlation function of noise the reception algorithms degenerate in algorithms, characteristic for quasideterministic noise. Thus, quasideterministic noise can be interpreted as a noise with a decomposable core of correlation function. In article the analysis of the synthesized algorithms noise immunity is given. It is shown, that error probability is defined by the ratio of receiving signal energy to power spectral density of fluctuating noise, it depends on a kind of used signals, also depends on a dispersion of a evaluation (filtration) residual error of correlated noise and on the factors characterize distinguish ability of signals and correlated noise in time-and-frequency area. With the decomposable core of correlation function of noise, subtraction of the estimation organized on the received mix, results in compensation of correlation noise together with a part of a signal spectrum in a correlation noise band. Therefore high reliability of receiving can be achieved due to redundancy on a signal.

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