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Improving of Correction Accuracy’s of Deviation Board GLONACC‘s Time Scales Directed from Limited Territory


V.V. Beinarovich, V.A. Morkovkin, A.G. Nechaenko

This article is dedicated to the problem of exact characteristics of the Global navigation systems of spaceships, working in complicated circumstances of remote control. Research results presented in this article, allow forming scientific approach to approving of Russian satellite radio-navigation systems. The results of research made in this article and its metrological basis prove high effectiveness of structure-functional method of compelling in solving of the problem of optimal correction of GLONASS’S deviation board time scale. The offered structural-functional complication used in the synthesized system permits the problems of the optimum correction of the board time scale (BTS) deviation of the navigable space apparatuses (NSA) directed from limited territories. The synthesized system can be realized by means of the additional installation of the navigable radio technical and radio navigable equipment, means of information and correction links which provide control and correction of the BTS of the NSA during the whole period of circulation (12 hours) with the growing control accuracy, correction and for cast of the BTS of the NSA deviation from the ground Control Complex (GCC). The advantages of the offered system are the following:  the decrease of the BTS of the NSA control error according to the expression (4,10) from 5 to 3 nanoseconds;  the decrease of the BTS of the NSA withdrawal error according to the expression (19) up to one nanosecond;  the possibility of the short-term forecast within time interval of 0,5 hour (expression 15) with the error of one nanosecond;  the decrement of the error of the long-term forecasts of the BTS of the NSA deviation for 12 hours to ns, according to the expression (18);  the given advantages may be achieved during the whole period of the NSA circulation (12 hours);  the possibility of the autonomous synchronization of the BTS of the NSA and the autonomous definition the orbit parameters with the help of the inter-satellite data exchange means and mutual range measurement.
Sept. 2, 2020
Aug. 27, 2020
June 24, 2020

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