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The Code Method of Signal Division by Means Weierstrass Function


W.I. Kaganov

One in methods of multiple access to general channel digital radio is code method division signals at which signals are distinguished one from another of the by code synthetic digital message. The coding of source bit data type are realized by means functions educating orthogonal system. Less hard condition is writing down thus: Threshold equipment including on exit of correlator can light to distinguish signal given user of network with level Ak from another at Δ<< Ak. Besides function Wolsh for coding can to use other orthogonal functions including cut-down function Weierstrass with differing order summing functions: Example with seven coding combinations is considered. Every combination is formed by means summation three summands. Calculation data of interconnect effect different signal one at another disposin at common frequency range; correlation and interconnection correlation functions of coding combinations and spectral function of signals are given.

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