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The analysis of Correlational Properties of Radio Locating Signals Based on Singular Assemblies of Optimal Discreet Signals


V.I. Shetinin, Y.A. Kavin, V.N. Nikishin, L.S. Pritchina

The main source of the information about radar targets being the echo, reflected by them, a search of new and more perfect types of signals remains rather an actual problem. The performance capabilities of a signal in the solution of primary goals of radiolocation, i.e., detection, resolution and measurement are determined in many ways by a time-frequency mismatch function. Using the mathematical apparatus of complex expanded Galua fields and the concept of perfect difference sets, the authors have synthesized singular ensembles of optimum discrete signals (SEODS), on the basis of which frequency-shift keyed signals and frequency-phase-shift keyed radar signals were formed. These signals possess quite good correlation properties, which have been proved by a time-frequency mismatch function. Thus, for example, the marker sequence crosscorrelation function sidelobe along with any other sequence from an optimum discrete signals ensemble has a unit value as well as an autocorrelation function sidelobe of the each component of SEODS. This fact is a rather valuable asset of optimum discrete signals under consideration and this makes it possible to use SEODS not only in radiolocation directly with its rather tough demands to signals’ correlated features, but also in a communication engineering during data transfer through communication channels. The concrete type of perfect difference set on the basis of which signals were synthesized was a set of a kind (0,6,8,13,25,28,29,39). Synthesized frequency-shift keyed signals and frequency-phase-shift keyed signals had eight frequencies and consisted of 64 increments.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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