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Adaptive Algorithms of or Reduction of Level Lobes Side of Compressed FSK Signals


I.A. Chepurnov, M.A. Maksimov, V.K. Mityukhin

In many modern radar stations, as radiated are used phase-shift keyed here (FSK) signals. In processing reflected signals wrap around in short pulses in filter of the compression. As a rule, here a coordinated filter is used. For duration of a compressed FSK signal the width main maximum is taken, however side lobes also exist. The side maximums level (SML) of a compressed signal can greatly exceed not only the noise level but also the useful signal level. The disturbing influence of side maximums reveal in masking information maximums from weak signals. In practice, it is important not to miss the useful weak signal from target with small efficient surface of the dissipation on background disturbing reflections from object with big efficient surface of the dissipation. This greatly limits the dynamic range of the amplitudes of a useful signal, processed radar station, and idea of longing its increase on one accepted realization is particularly attractive. Considering that location of the reflectors in composition radar targets and intensity reflected from them signal are casual, the synthesys of adaptive algorithms and corresponding filters, with parameters and structure changing in time, becomes an actual problem. In the article the use of a coordinated filter in as a component of an adaptive filter is considered, as well as an adaptive algorithm allowing reduce the SML compressed FSK signals in radar station by means of the phased processing of the input signal is presented. The structure of the adaptive filter is designed on the base of the algorithm. The adaptive algorithm of filtering FSK signals on the base of the use of neural networks (NN) allows us to obtain flexible and quickly solution of the problems of the processing FSK signals in radar station. The adaptability of such algorithm is provided due to education characteristic of NN. The considered possibility of its realization is in neural networks logical base. In the article, adaptive algorithms reasonable to use when designing the equipment of the digital processing signals for radar station are offered. The realization of these algorithms will allow us to increase the dynamic range of the amplitudes of useful taken signals that will provide the improvement of the quality factors and increasing efficiency of the work radar station.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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